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The Anthesis Compliance Suite

ACS (Anthesis Compliance Suite) is a web based system which augments your existing enterprise ERP and PLM based platforms and provides for efficient product compliance and conflict minerals data exchange. Available only as a combined BPO+ACS solution, we take compliance management to the ultimate level of quality and automation. We readily integrate ACS with class leading behind the firewall systems such as SAP EHSM, Oracle Agile PG&C, PTC WPA, and Siemens TC to provide a seamless transfer of information between ACS and client systems. ACS integrates into your existing enterprise systems. Features:
  • Collect compliance and part lifecycle information from your supply chain
  • Secure integration with existing platforms such as SAP, Oracle, PTC Siemens and more
  • Automated email-based workflow
  • Output customer reports
  • Quickly identify gaps in compliance documentation
  • Lighting fast set up. Be ready to roll in days not months

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