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About our Company

Helping our globally connected clients solve their biggest challenges.

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Our Team

The Anthesis product compliance team includes project managers, subject matter experts, software developers, and our outsource services team. We have deep industry experience and excel in understanding the goals of the business, delivering cost effective services, and implementing the right IT solutions to automate compliance management. Our goal is to be the leading global specialist consultancy providing expert advice, technology and managed services that drive resilience, competitiveness and innovation for our clients

About Anthesis

Anthesis is a specialist provider of sustainability, information technology, and environmental consulting and program management services. Anthesis has established a global business that brings together sustainability expertise from around the world to serve a range of corporate, NGO and GO clients. We partner with our clients find new ways of managing business risks and be more competitive through the delivery of sustainable business practices. Our approach is based on deep subject matter expertise and industry experience, and we implement approaches that deliver meaningful and lasting environmental, social and economic benefits. Some of the broader Anthesis services include the following:


  • EHS Training
  • Production Plants, Sites, Suppliers
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • Audit Frameworks
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Equator Principles
  • Operational Risk Control
  • Worker Safety
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Occupational Health
  • Corporate Specifications
  • ISO 14001, 50001, 45001

    Compliance Data

    • TSCA, Prop 65, DSL
    • Safety Data Sheets
    • Conflict Minerals
    • RoHS
    • REACH
    • Corporate Substance Lists
    • Supply Chain Data Collection
    • Data Structure and Authoring
    • Master Data and ERP+PLM Integration

    Circular Economy

    • Resource Efficiency
    • Waste Reduction (food, packaging)
    • Secondary Market Development
    • Material Flows

    ERP Process and Data

    • Data Sources and Stakeholders
    • Data Structure and Responsibilities
    • Process Flows and Integration
    • Evaluation and Blueprinting
    • Implementation and Customization
    • Custom Development
    • Integration and Interfaces


    • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
    • Carbon Accounting
    • Product & Supply Chain Footprinting
    • Energy
    • Water Pollution and Consumption
    • Greenhouse Gas
    • Material Hotspotting
    • Efficiency Hotspotting
    • Suppliers
    • Sites, Plants
    • Finished Products
    • Raw Materials


    • Risk Assessment
    • Risk Resilience
    • Transaction Services
    • Supply Chain Risk
    • Acquisition Risk

      Supply Chain Network

      • Supplier Training, eLearning
      • Managed Activities and Group Buying Arrangements
      • Sustainability Strategy and Goals
      • Enabling Supplier Compliance
      • Active Dialog and Communication
      • Data Structure and Authoring
      • Transparent Supply Chain Compliance

        Sustainability Reporting

        • Involvement of Work Staff
        • Involvement of Supply Chain
        • Targeted Stakeholders
        • Reporting Goals
        • Report Structure and Layout
        • Report Data
        • Communication Strategies

        Business Process Outsource

        Our technical analyst team works with your Supply Chain to collect and validate material composition data and document compliance and sustainable business practices

        Systems implementation

        We implement enterprise level compliance management solutions and augment existing systems with our own tools to provide the most highly automated compliance management services available


        We are industry experts in RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals, and worldwide product related environmental regulations and sustainability requirements

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