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Anthesis have developed a spreadsheet based tool to facilitate data capture and conversion between industry standard formats including IEC 62474, IPC 1752 v1.1 and IPC 1752A. This tool is meant to help alleviate the common barriers to efficient data exchange and promote reuse of declarations across the supply chain. DataCollectionDiagram
Export Capability

Export Capability

Anthesis Compliance Data Collection Form (ACDC) has the ability to Export data from Excel into an IPC-1752A or IEC-62474 Format.
Import Capability

Import Capability

Anthesis Compliance Data Collection Form (ACDC) has the ability to import your existing IPC-1752A or IEC-62474 Data XML into ACDC Form Excel.
Format Conversion

Format Conversion

Anthesis Compliance Data Collection Form currently supports conversion between Standard Formats:

  1. ACDC to IPC-1752A
  2. ACDC to IEC-62474
  3. IPC-1752A to IEC-62474
  4. IEC-62474 to IPC-1752A
  5. IPC 1752-2 to the current formats (IPC 1752A and IEC 62474)

Take a look at the Current Features and Product Road Map.

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Download the FREE Template:

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