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Version Number Release Date Functional Changes
v 2.3.2 30-Jul-19
  • Increased the supported rows in Homogeneous Materials Tab from 2000 to 6000 rows
  • Increased the supported rows in Substances Tab from 5000 to 8000 rows
  • Configurable Internet Proxy Settings in Settings Tab
  • Support Substance Category Exemption with multiple mass declaration
  • Bug Fix
  • Supported Exemption
    • EL2011/534/EU
    • EL2011/65/EU_ANNEX_IV
  • Supported Regulation
    • EUROHS-0508
    • EUROHS-1506
    • EUREACH-1215
    • EUREACH-0616
    • EUREACH-0618
    • EUREACH-0117
    • EUREACH-0719
v 2.3 06-Oct-16
  • Applied the truncated Substance Category name
  • Updated EuROHS Query statements
  • Added latest RoHS and REACH Substance lists (EURoHS-1506, EUREACH-0616, EUREACH-1215)
  • Support for Vendor Authority input
  • Change the header note of BusinessInfo to: Note: minimum Office requirement is MS Office 2007with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later.
  • Change the label of Settings
    • SigningCertificate.pfx – Make this text to black
    • Substance Concentration – Upper Limit for Proprietary Substances
    • Proprietary – Proprietary Limit
    • Help file of Settings needs to be updated
  • Bug Fixes
    • Allow decimal value in Proprietary Limit
    • UoM in Substances affects Conc% when changed
    • Exemptions Description did not reflect correctly after picking
    • Display the full category name if selected (Wrap)
    • Hitting Clear does not affect Legal Declaration if Custom is selected
    • Remove true w/ exemption in ACDC to avoid confusion and defect
v 2.2 10-Aug-16
  • Fixed MS Office 2016 glitch
v 2.1 08-Jul-16
  • Updated June 2016 REACH Substances
  • Help content updated
  • Auto compute of Substance Mass when changing the UoM
  • Bug Fixes
    • Update lookup: Unable to access the web service
    • Validation error does not display for broken homogeneous link
    • Correcting calculation of SubProduct Qty x Mass against Homogeneous and Substance Mass
    • Support for different composition of email addresses aside from “.com” (i.e.
v 2.0 14-Mar-16
  • Provide Help links to an HTML based help file
  • Class A declaration
    • Updated Class A query list to the latest EURoHS and EUREACH
    • Suppress the older EUREACH-1214 option. in Class A
  • Class C declaration
    • “substance category lists” tab auto populate to “FALSE”
    • Within Class C Substance Category Lists tab, an additional option of “True w/ Exemption” for the Above Threshold DDL
    • Do not require Mass and UoM in Substance Category List sheet.
    • Added massPercent in UOM of Substance Category
  • Class D declaration
    • Standardized “Level” drop down within “Substance” tab – not to have multiple EU Reach versions.
    • link the substances to the substance exemptions through lookup to ensure they can be selected properly
  • Provide both Vendor ID and DUNS number fields
    • The DUNS number has to be mapped for “company Id” and “authority” is DUNS
  • Sub-products cannot have the same name as the parent product.
  • The only substances that should be defaulting in there are REACH as of June 2015
  • Form Validations
    • Proprietary validation – “Proprietary” input from the Substance name
    • Auto validation of Mass on Homogeneous, Sub Products and Products Tab
    • CAS # validation on the substance tab – accepting existing and correct format
  • Support for SubstanceCatExemptionList – element availability in XMLs
  • Increase supported lines in declaring Products, Subproducts, Homogeneous and Substances
  • Validation for Sub-product mass should be >0.00000000001 not >1
  • PPM Support
  • Too many choices for the exemption – more descriptive exemptions
  • Concentration must be required if reported substance is over threshold
  • Requires SubstanceCatExemptionList field and the SubstanceExemption if ROHS over threshold
  • Added missing the Annex 4 exemptions (table B4 page 7 of the ipc 1752 spec)
  • Updated Reach (January 2016)
  • Conditional Formatting for inline Validation
  • Date format validation handle during import
  • Add a setting for “Allowable margin of Error:
    • configurable mass percent tolerance, CAS# validation and concentration should have been computed automatically
    • A percentage discrepancy tolerance for the error on the Settings tab defaulted to 0.5%
  • Bug Fixes
    • Do not require the Level field in Substances Tab
    • CAS# does not accept special character or works like “-“,”SYSTEM”,”G-“
    • Can’t export form with “–“ CAS# applied
v 1.32 25-Nov-14
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added XML declaration to ensure proper document encoding
    • Fixed mapping issue to display Amount tag on Substance Category for Class C declaration
v 1.31 29-July-14 Fix for internet connectivity problem through a proxy server.
v 1.3 08-July-14
  • Updated REACH Candidate List published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on June 16, 2014
  • Support for file references
  • Automatic computation of Substance Concentration
  • Digital Signature support (requires Signing Certificate with private key)
  • Improved error handling/messaging
  • Bug Fixes
v 1.2.1 27-June-14
  • Support for Chinese Language
  • Bug Fixes when importing IPC 1752-2 1.1 xml
    • CAS number is now imported properly
    • Automatic conversion of PPM to Concentration(%)
v 1.2 12-May-14
  • Ability to view XML in a readable HTML page
    • A button is provided in Business Info worksheet of ACDC form to view the XML
    • The XML viewer includes Business Info, Product Information and Validation Result(s)
v 1.1 11-Apr-14
  • Added REACH Substances
  • Enhancements
    • Error handling
    • Validation
    • Increase table max rows
  • Bug Fixes
v 1.0 21-Mar-14
  • Import of Non-Macro ACDC form
  • Support for Manufacturing Info
  • Bug Fixes
  • Enhancements
    • Consistent Labeling with IPC
    • Quick navigation of each worksheet on Data Summary
    • Validation
    • Tooltip
v 0.1 Beta 28-Feb-14
  • Revision History sheet
  • Separated Business Info and Product List
  • Supported worksheets for Class A, B, C and D
  • Support for IPC 1752-2
  • Support for IPC 1752-A
  • Support for IEC 64274
  • Multiple Supplier Contacts
  • Bug Fixes